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Agriculture Industry

Agriculture is the only industry that is never going to perish in the future and beyond. It is one of the oldest and effective traditional practices that have been taken into consideration by human beings for feeding themselves. However, this industry is moving towards a vast up-gradation due to technological dominance. As per Statista, the market of smart agriculture is forecast to reach around $26.76 billion by the end of 2020. Nowadays, farmers are open to new innovative and productive technologies to support their agriculture business. We , at the Satyakabir E-solutions, are currently offering agriculture software solutions for farmers that enables their agricultural business to make a solid online presence.
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Agriculture Industry

Having exceptionally talented and experienced developers on-board, we have aced the management of the agriculture industry for years and continue to do so in the future as well.The main motive of the farming apps is to optimise the overall farming process. Though most of the features are available over a smart device such as computer or mobiles but helps farmers to strategize their farming accordingly. Migrating these technical features from desktop to mobile can be pretty handy because this helps farmers to use the technologies wherever they want to.
Having a close look at the crops with expert advice is one of the most important things when it comes to farming. With farm app development, farmers can access crop experts at any point in time to discuss different issues and allows getting solutions for it. This helps to keep the productivity unaffected. Some of the softwares and its ideas are listed below. These, when implemented properly will generate a great return to the farm-owners :
1.GPS live Tracker.
2.Drone Utilisation with Custom Agriculture Software Development.
3.Weather Forecasting.
4.Increasing Fertility with Farm Management System Solutions.
5.Maintaining Calendars.
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Manufacturing Industry

While farming equipment, precision agriculture and other areas of the industry has brought many traditional farming families into the digital age, there's still a lag in take-up with digital marketing in agriculture.Getting new customers to your website is an important part of growing your business in the online market. It’s often difficult to know how to attract people to your website but there are a few fail-safe ways to accomplish it.There are methods you can follow to help improve traffic on your website. Here are our top three ways that will help you attract more people to your site.
Many manufacturers are limited by the idea that their website is similar to a traditional sales brochure. On the contrary, it’s important to make your site interactive and adaptive to get attention in an era of increasing pressures on your buyers’ time.Some simple steps make a big difference:
1.Showcasing the Agricultural Products.
2.Have a Google My Business Account(GMB Account).
3.Improve Your Social Media.
4.Optimize Your Website Content.
Almost all the businesses surveyed said they planned to have a website by the end of the year. Are you part of this group? Make it a reality by enquiring up for free website today, and see how easy it is!
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