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Pharmacy Management Software

Pharmacy Management Software

What is a Pharmacy Management System?
Pharmacy Management System is a software that stores complete information about the processes in a pharmacy. It helps in storing the data, organizes the entire system, controls the use of medication & improves customer satisfaction.

Benefit of Pharmacy Management System
Pharmacy Management System helps the business owner to control their stock, accounting & choose the right medication based on background data analysis using the software. It digitizes their pharmacy completely and the advanced pharmacy software features help in suggesting drugs based on the salt compositions of these minor ailments.

Key Features of Pharmacy Management System
Prescription Management - The pharmacist can store the record of the prescription & repeat the medicine as & when required. Data stored in the system reduces the chances of errors.

SMS & Alerts - Pharmacists can get timely notifications & alerts from the software if any of the patients will need the medicine soon, or the medicine is going to expire. He can schedule SMS to be sent to patients intimating them in advance to buy the next dosage of medicine. The customer can also just reply to the message whether to refill the medicine & the pharmacist can simply deliver the medicine to the patients.

Reporting - Proper reporting & data analysis lead to better-informed decisions making & huge profits.

Doctor/MR Commission Management - Every prescription & medicine sold out at the pharmacy counts for a commission which can be easily calculated using the software. This means, “no more frauds no more mistakes”.

Expiry Management - It will prompt for the near expiry medicines which the pharmacist can either sell to the customer or return back to the supplier.

Re-Order Management - The pharmacists can set the minimum & maximum stock level point; the software will indicate whenever the stock reaches the minimum level & he/she can place a re-order. The system also suggests the best buy option with nearest suppliers’ schemes & offer to save more.

Digital Collections – Provides a digital collection option where the patient can pay without touching anything. 

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