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School Management Software

School Management Software

What is School Management Software?

A school management software is a system which is designed to manage & simplify the day-to-day administrative & non-administrative tasks of a school. School management software enables schools to monitor daily activities like daily attendance, timetable management, etc. from a single centralized platform.

Features of School Management Software
Most School Management Software products evolve around four main pillars. And regardless of any extensive list of features, we can find a basic feature set around these pillars, aiming to accommodate daily routines for nearly every type of educational institution. That’s starting with Program Management, in its broader sense:

Program management and class scheduling
This “extended” feature includes a set of more specific features to help in structuring curriculum, grouping courses and classes and defining their individual characteristics. It is, typically, the most basic functionality in a School Management Software. It also includes class scheduling for in-person or virtual class meetings.

Student admissions and records — information management
Student registration and distribution to class groups and enrollment to classes and courses is one of the core features in School Management Software. In the long run, all information stored will be used to monitor and analyze individual progress, until graduation.

Financial and assessment management for students
Student management includes daily notifications relevant to classes. But that’s usually not the end of it. Students, parents and guardians also need access to essential information, such as timetables, attendance records, gradebooks, financials and payments per student, pending and outstanding payments, as well as installments (where applicable). The Student management and Admissions extended feature incorporates all the specific features essential to provide that information.

Academic management
School faculty is just as difficult to coordinate and supervise, as students are. With roles, such as teachers, secretaries, administrative assistants and all supporting staff, School Management Software helps efficiently manage all daily academic procedures. 

Financial and assessment management for teachers
The feature set for Academic Management may include attendance tracking, grading, assessments, financials and payments per teacher, pending and outstanding payments.

Role management
Different user roles can view and use different types of information — and at different levels of detail. School Management Software provides the relevant functionality, to simplify user experience for all parties involved. 

Benefits of employing School Management Software
1. An easy, automated structure for any type of school
Starting a new school period or academic period, the structure of classes and courses for the period needs to be prepared. Existing teachers, as well as students that are qualified to continue their studies, may be added to the structure for this new school period or academic period, ready to accept notifications regarding their new schedule. New teachers and students can be added as an ongoing process. 

2. Improved and efficient accounting
The structure also allows for basic financial management, by setting tuition fees for students and payroll information for teachers, coaches or instructors.

3. Detailed and streamlined record keeping
Once a new department, course or class is created, new or existing students and teachers are added to the structure. Avoiding overbooking teachers or assigning students to more than one class at a time is one of the most valuable features in managing any educational institution.

4. Graceful student and teacher management 
Managing students and teachers is quite the puzzle, especially in academic environments. All aspects of daily routine need to be monitored and improved upon. When all educational activities are successful, the result is happy students, parents or guardians, and teachers, coaches or instructors, too! That alone, is a major retention tool for any educational institution.

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