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Among Bhopal-based suppliers of electronic components, DSM Online ranks among the most dynamic businesses in the city's economic and technological landscape. We are the best one-stop shop because of our dedication to our customers and our top-notch technical support staff. Our intention in creating this website and app was to provide a centralised location for all potential buyers of electronic gadgets and fashion accessories.

DSM Online is a gateway to tens of thousands of potential customers. Thousands of shoppers are constantly scrolling up to find what they're looking for and make a purchase around the clock, every day of the week.  Ideally, a customer relationship management software would help our client supervise and control the services via an efficient network while also promoting their operational methods by supplying data to assess market trends across a variety of locations and assets.

Conceptualization and Realization

UI/UX Design

Consumer apps have somewhat different requirements for their user interface and user experience than business applications. Since the software was meant for sales of electronic as well as fashion accessories, we prioritised aesthetically pleasing design and scalability. All relevant information has been centralised in a well-organized dashboard to make using the design as easy as possible while yet being sustainable. Pre-designed proposals guaranteed that all terms, such as "Compare," "Wishlist", "Cart" and so on, were consistent with the language actually used inside the organisation.

Technology Involved

Flutter and react native are used to build the application's front end, while PHP and Laravel are used to build the app's back end. The technology allowed employees to see separate client and transaction histories. In an effort to maintain order, we've separated off certain parts that may be accessible through the "Orders" tab. All relevant information was readily available through the dashboard, and the system required no special instruction to utilise. In the Android software that we built for you, we included features that let you keep track of your calendar and make calls about each sale separately. Quickly find what you need and save time by filtering results by date or searching across all transactions. The software not only records data and keeps track of actions, but also makes use of that data in the form of alerts and reminders for the sellers to improve their efficiency.

Discovered roadblocks

The system's goal was to simplify the process of locating consumers and prospective transactions, and one of the challenges we encountered was making that a reality without sacrificing effectiveness. The difficulty of centralising product information and orders from various social media and business websites into a single platform for easy access by all employees was another obstacle.

<h4><span style="color:#e74c3c">DSM Online</span></h4>


We set out to create a system that could organise seemingly chaotic data into a coherent repository. For the benefit of the agents, the app may also centralise and funnel in orders from a variety of sources.

Completed Item

We started things off by settling on a user interface style that was appropriate for our project's needs. The application's front end was next, followed by its back end. We allotted 60 days to do this assignment. We requested that our customer show the shopping app to several existing users (using other apps) so that we could get their honest opinions on it. We were able to finish an effective system with minimum user expertise after making a few tweaks and additions.

We learned that an online shopping app is more than just a database of client information; it can also be utilised to streamline and accelerate labor-intensive processes. In light of our client's emphasis on customer retention over transaction closure, we've been considering how a mobile app may aid them not just as a database but also as an analyzer to ensure that each customer receives the attention they deserve from the sellers.

<h4><span style="color:#e74c3c">DSM Online</span></h4>

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