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<h3><span style="color:#3498db">HIRRENT</span></h3>
Mobile app / Website


Project Overview
Hirrent is a Bhopal-based E-commerce which can be accessed via the internet This platform essentially functions as an online retailer where customers can order outfits by selecting the product they want. Consumers can use the system to buy clothes for men and women, as well as clothes for special occasions such as Garba, which are delivered to their homes by trained professionals. Hirrent's goal is to allow millions of personnel to provide never seen services from the comfort of their own homes. 


Planning and Execution 
UI/UX Design
A user-friendly interface is needed for a popular operating system; design is crucial in any venture. Because of its original purpose of computerizing company operations, the app's design prioritized simplification and ease of use. The program was designed with different user roles and innumerable buttons for ease of navigation. Before building completion, typefaces, and so on, schematics were created.

Technology Involved
Hirrent primarily operates through an HTML-based website. The dashboard made it simple to access all necessary details, and the system didn't require any special instruction to operate. You can easily find what you need and save time by filtering results by date or going to look across all tabs. Not only does the operating system keep records and actions, it also uses that information to enhance efficiency via alerts and notifications. It has features on its website that allow you to keep record of the timeline and also assist customers in easily navigating it. The Location switcher also informs the consumer whether or not the facility is open.

The major issues of the website include difficult handling, not much info being given, contact info being inadequate, etc. It also makes it hard for the consumer to choose the item they desire. The system's goal is to find new clients and potential exchanges without compromising efficiency.

<h3><span style="color:#3498db">HIRRENT</span></h3>

Such problems can be resolved by employing skilled and effective managers capable of managing the website effectively. Furthermore, because the website appears drab, great visual designers are in high demand. More information about the business and its location can also be included so that customers know the services they are going to order from you are legitimate and of high quality. 

The merchandise
Habooda is making progress with the web site's development and its layout as time goes. Despite some criticism, the system is still being developed because new features and revisions are needed to improve its results.

<h3><span style="color:#3498db">HIRRENT</span></h3>

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