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Project overview

An admirable effort, Homeqart has made 45-minute grocery delivery a reality for people in India. This company offers a convenient delivery service for grocery items including meat, fish, and poultry, as well as other staples like milk and bread. HomeQart offers to be the one-stop solution for the whole spectrum of necessities in an Indian household, addressing the never-ending demands of Indian consumers in a market where items are divided among a wide variety of shops and retailers. The company got its start in the physical space but quickly shifted its focus to digital solutions in the hopes of automating labour-intensive processes.

Planning and Execution

UI/UX Design

Design is crucial in any endeavour; a user-friendly interface is essential for a widely adopted software.
•    Because of its intended purpose in automating business procedures, the design of the app prioritised simplicity and ease of use.
•    The programme was designed with several user roles and many buttons for easy navigation.
•    Before finalising the layout, fonts, etc., wireframes were created and any extraneous features were removed.


The HomeQart Android app is developed in Flutter, while the backend was built using PHP & Laravel. Because of the massive amounts of data, the app must handle, PostgreSQL is another piece of technology that has found a home inside it. Our customer required an Android App/Web gateway to help them improve productivity and make future data-driven choices with the use of consolidated reports from their Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.
•    The app's interface is well-organized and provides quick access to all relevant data, such as viz. number of stores, number of local vendors using the system, total inventory, etc.
•    Total earnings or losses from various items are automatically calculated by the system.
•    The programme is placed on a private cloud provider, making it simple to add computers, vendors, and customers to the system's database.

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•    The software was designed in this way so that the user just has to make a list of items he wants to buy in order to get the best possible experience out of it. The ERP system is connected to the machines; it reviews the inventory report and checks the stock levels before sending the results, together with the correct prices, to the user's app account.

Major roadblocks

It was a difficult work to make the system effective for gathering diverse sample data, translating them into correct reports after analysing the value of a product on the current price of the product, which is also a changeable figure, and linking with third-party machines for the company's internal procedures.
Oftentimes, the locations in remote regions where testing devices are situated have a subpar internet connection.

One way we overcome the difficulties was by developing an ERP that automated the whole process of purchasing and selling from data sample analysis to report delivery.
To avoid crashing under any circumstances, the server was designed to be able to handle not just massive volumes of data, but also large amounts of data being sent and received in a short period of time while communicating with other computers.


The project, which started with basic wireframes, resulted in a fully functional ERP system that monitors the client's whole revenue cycle, from itemised purchase and sale records to aggregated earnings. Sixty days were spent creating the initial version of the software, and a total of 200 days were needed to finish the whole project. The development continued as new upgrades and modifications were needed to improve the system's performance. Working together effectively is a priority for ERP, which is why it has helped retailers, farmers, and customers work together more effectively. Working with Homeqart taught us the value of a centralised hub from which to manage the industry's many distributors of on-demand food services.

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